Got a question?

Can I have feedback on my application?

Due to the high volumes of applications we are unable to provide specific feedback at earlier stages in the process. Feedback will be provided after the final stage.

Are there application deadlines?

Please note that vacancies will be filled on an ongoing basis after opening and we may close applications before the stated deadline. Therefore, we highly recommend you submit your application as early as possible in order to be considered for the opportunity of your choice.

Does NPL hire non EU-residents?

There are restrictions and eligibility criteria to work in that location that employers such as NPL must adhere to. Any International applications will be assessed in accordance with this legislation.

What if I’m interested in more than one position?

If the positions have different job titles and are in different areas of the business, you will need to complete multiple applications, however if they are the same vacancy, please check with the Talent Acquisition team and we’ll let you know whether you need to complete separate application forms. Please contact us on if you need more information.

What type of education or work experience background do I need to work at NPL?

NPL is a diverse business and we look for candidates with a broad range of qualifications and work experience. We are committed to excellence and want you to achieve your personal best while working in an inclusive and collaborative environment. We actively encourage diversity in thought and experience.

By reviewing the job advert under the “About you” section, you should be able to determine if your skill set meets the criteria for the role.

Who do I talk to about a disability or long term health condition?

If there’s anything we can do in the recruitment process to help you achieve your best, get in touch. Whether it’s a copy of our application form in another format or additional assistance, you can contact us at


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